ICT since 1989.

Internet/ Voice/ Data Services.

Random thoughts, things that travel across my desk, vintage motorbikes, software development, economic development, the maze of my mind.

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Practical and Experienced ICT Services Provider

Project Governance, Strategy, Architecture, Telco Infrastructure and Agile Development for Mobile/ Desktop.

Highly experienced individual/ consultant with a broad skill set and in-depth knowledge of many sectors of the ICT industry. This has been gained from being involved in many diverse projects over the years. Experience with both large and small scale business, and many industry sectors – from Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Education, Finance, Marketing, and Primary Industry to Transportation.

Specialties: Infrastructure/ Architecture Guidance, Programme/ Project Management, Relationship Management, ISSP, Vendor Selection, LAN/ WAN, Management Systems, B/ OSS, CRM, RMA, Cloud, IaaS, SaaS, WMS, Robotic Control Systems, ERP, FDD, Agile, SDLC, Waterfall.

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Complete ICT Project Services


A full service offering for development.


All developed/ implemented solutions are fully supported.

Global Reach

Services provided globally from New Zealand.

No Surprises

Projects delivered on time, on budget.


Having a SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is critically important to success! Here are some things that I follow:

Gather the requirements and write then down,
Develop a prototype (wireframe) to display output,
Gather or create content and load into prototype,
Test, Test, Test,
Ensure that client/ owner/ end-user also tests and advises outcome,
Finalise and get acceptance.

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